Zimbabwe army bomb disposal squad, police called as bomb is discovered in Bulawayo

The Emganwini Island house where the bomb was discovered

BULAWAYO – The State media has reported that the Zimbabwe National Army Bomb disposal Squad and police were on Monday called to Bulawayo’s Emganwini Island suburb after residents stumbled on a bomb.

Police reportedly blocked residents who were stampeding to go to the scene where the bomb was.

Bulawayo Police have since confirmed the development.

The development coincided with the police’s prohibition order on the MDC planned demonstrations which were scheduled to start at 1000 hours in Bulawayo.

The police cite a possibility of despondency were the demonstrations allowed to proceed. They say that they have gathered intel, enough to suggest that the demonstrations would be peaceful.

Earlier, the police had claimed that they had discovered stones and catapults in Harare which they said the MDC wanted to use during the demonstrations.

Some observers have however claimed that the purported evidence was planted by State security which wanted to find an excuse to ban the demonstrations.

Bulawayo is not new to explosives after a grenade also exploded at a ZANU PF rally held at White City stadium. The grenade exploded as President Mnangagwa was stepping off the podium prompting others to conclude that it was an assassination attempt at his life.

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