Zanu-PF’s Claims Party Superior To Govt Dangerous, Unconstitutional – Manyika

Dr Noah Manyika

Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BZA) leader Dr Noah Manyika has called for the people of Zimbabwe to reject Zanu-PF’s claims that the party is superior to government. Manyika described the claims as unconstitutional and dangerous. Writing on his Facebook page, Manyika says,

The success of any government, including one produced by polarizing elections, will depend on its ability to make everyone, including the ones who did not vote for it, believe that the decisions it makes are in everyone’s best interests. It’s also critical to remember that we paid a huge prize for ignoring Robert Mugabe’s often stated desire to create a one-party state.

Because we did not pay attention, they governed as if it was a one-party state. We must therefore not treat lightly SK Moyo’s about the supremacy of the party (Zanu-PF) over the government. That has clear implications on how government governs and whose interests they will prioritize.

What this means in practice is essentially that if a government official decides to investigate criminal or corrupt activity by a Zanu-PF official, they can be overriden by the party.

If the decisions of a government official are in the best interests of the people but not of the party, they can be nixed by the party. We must not forget that SK Moyo has been saying this in the context of the creation of full-time party positions for most of the Zanu-PF officials left out of government by President Mnangagwa. The decisions of these failed leaders are going to be supreme?

All this is not only arrogant, dangerous and unconstitutional. It must be unequivocally rejected and loudly condemned by all Zimbabweans.

Source: Pindula

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