Zanu PF youths confront own minister over economic crisis

Joe Biggie Matiza

Marondera: Scores of Zanu PF youths here heckled transport minister, Joel Biggie Matiza at a party meeting before warning him of a political upheaval in the country over the deteriorating economic situation.

Matiza, who is also Zanu PF Mashonaland East chair, was addressing youths drawn from Marondera Central, West and East constituencies at the party’s provincial headquarters in the tiny town last weekend.

However, the ruling party’s foot soldiers had no kind words for the top government official over a worsening economic situation that has seen prices of goods and services increase almost every week.

The party supporters went on to tell Matiza to inform President Emmerson Mnangagwa of possible political turmoil if the social and economic situation is not urgently addressed.

“We are having a torrid time explaining in areas where we live on how the Zanu PF government is going to address the economic crisis and we have no clue on how to,” one angry youth told the minister.

“Things are getting worse and there is no solution in sight. There is a possibility of violence if this issue is not urgently resolved.”

The youths told Matiza that they were unemployed and some families were now surviving on a single meal a day as they had no money for food.

The minister’s security aides had a torrid time on the day in trying to control the agitated youths who were disrupting and heckling Matiza as he addressed them.

He was also accused of protecting senior party officials who had swindled thousands out of home seekers through non-existent residential stands in Marondera town 2015.

In his address, Matiza said the price increases of basic commodities were a passing phase and Mnangagwa was not resting in his attempts to restore economic stability.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa has not rested since he took office and is determined to restore the country’s socio-economic stability.

“The price increases are just a passing phase, which will soon come to pass as many initiatives are being put in place to increase production,” he said. – New Zim