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Zanu PF shaken by looting revelations

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Zanu-PF appeared shaken to the core after names of government fat cats who benefitted from the 2007/8 RBZ-funded mechanization programme were exposed, with acting party spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa saying he would issue a statement on the matter.

Meanwhile, former RBZ governor Gideon Gono in his response said that the programme was funded from RBZ funds with beneficiaries never expected to repay the sums, and taxpayers were not saddled with the bill since the $200 million was never part of the RBZ debts assumed by the State.

Gono said that RBZ Debt Assumption Act of 2015 transferred $1.3 billion of RBZ debts to the Government, but there was no reference to a Farm Mechanisation Programme debt there, let alone a figure of $200 million.

Gono said in 2007-8, the food import bill was huge and the idea of a 3-year roll-out programme to mechanise farmers became a priority.

Source – newsday