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Zanu-PF panics over MDC Alliance demo

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In apparent panic, more Zanu-PF officials have spoken against planned national protests by the MDC Alliance set for 16 August.

Zanu-PF youth league deputy secretary is the latest official from the ruling party to say the planned demos would not help solve Zimbabwe’s economic crisis.

“Demonstrations will never be a solution to our challenges as a country, they actually make our situation worse and history tells us that our opposition is irresponsible,” said Matutu.

“The solution is for us to be united as a people, we need to increase our production something already happening, hard and honest work will end our problems, politics must never be given precedence over economic issues, corruption must never be tolerated.”

Matutu who said he was part of demonstrators who took to the streets in Harare in 2017 calling for former President Robert Mugabe but the difference is that theirs was a peaceful protest.

“Yes I marched in November 2017 and there was no violence at all. Only ZANU PF understand peaceful demonstrations not the opposition,” he said.

Chamisa told journalists in Harare on Tuesday that the demos were a chance for Zimbabweans to liberate themselves from Zanu-PF.

“We are suffering in our country with shortages of everything, but the most important thing is that we don’t have a shortage of faith and worship and because our God is in it, nothing is going to defeat us,” he said

Source – Byo24