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Zanu PF Activist Criticises Zimbabwe Police ‘Barbarian’ Behaviour

Frank Guni
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A ruling Zanu PF member has castigated the Zimbabwe Republic Police for blocking opposition party rallies ahead of the forthcoming council and parliamentary by-elections on March 26.

In a statement, Frank Guni, said President Emmerson Mnangagwa should condemn the police and force police chief, Godwin Matanga, to resign if they are clamping down on the opposition without state authority.

Guni said, “I have always been ZANU PF and continue to be but I will be the first to admit that the nonsense happening in Zimbabwe is more than barbaric. The ZRP are an organ of the State not some ZANU PF (our party’s) militia. We can not foist ourselves on the masses using state organs and stifle democracy while continuing to proclaim that we are a democratic state and we are open for business. No sane investors will seed serious money into such a volatile and polarized economy!

“If indeed the ZRP are doing these stupid stunts on their own then the State and our party president must not only condemn their actions but stop them and demand an explanation from our police commissioner general or at least demand his resignation, heads must roll. What they are doing is seriously undermining our democracy, our government and indeed our ruling party.”

Guni said there should be an impartial application of the law in Zimbabwe.

“The law must be blind and equitably applied to all citizens and institutions regardless of their station in our political discourse! I am aware that my comments might ruffle some shortsighted minds in my party but it is nevertheless necessary for our democracy to thrive that progressive and objective party cadres state the truth and remind ourselves of the ethos of our liberation struggle and hard won independence. Zimbabwe is for all of us, no one is more Zimbabwean than others. We must learn to co-exist and and allow our people to consciously support us and those who choose to support others must freely do so in our free Zimbabwe.”

The furious Zanu PF activist said the ruling party should strive to work for all people in Zimbabwe.

Matanga and police spokesperson, Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Nyathi, were unreachable for comment as they were not responding to calls on their mobile phones.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has been of late attempting to block rallies organized by the Citizens Coalition for Change, arguing that in some cases the party gave a short notice in informing them of planning to have car rallies before holding mass meetings.

Source: VOA