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Wheelchair-bound Robert Zhuwao won’t attend uncle’s funeral

Robert Zhuwao
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A nephew to the late former President Robert Mugabe, Robert Zhuwawo will not be able to attend his uncle’s funeral as he is wheelchair-bound.

Zhuwawo left Zimbabwe for Zambia in 2017, the year in which Mugabe was deposed by the military.

His wife, Gertrude Gamuchirayi Zhuwawo, said if it were not because of the stroke suffered by her husband, they would have attended the funeral. She said:

Yes, we have been here (in Zambia) with our (two) children since December 2017. However, our decision to move was based purely on giving the school going children stability.

As a music promoter and businessman, my husband has no reason to fear any Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe. He has never been a politician.

My husband suffered the stroke on the 24th of August 2019 and was hospitalised. He was discharged briefly and admitted at another hospital on the 30th of August where he was under the care of a specialist neurosurgeon.

He is now at home and will start physiotherapy next week as his right side was affected.

The death of his uncle has affected him greatly. He was a father figure to him from the age of six and even before.

He is sad to not be able to travel for the funeral but his Doctors have advised against it.

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