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Welshman Ncube bashes wife

Welshman Ncube
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MDC president Professor Welshman Ncube (56) has been reported to the police for allegedly assaulting his 33-year old wife.

Prof Ncube, a constitutional lawyer, allegedly assaulted Ms Minenhle Gumede on July 14 this year. The matter was reported to Hillside Police Station where a docket under CR42/07/17 was opened against Prof Ncube.

He was charged with physical abuse in terms of section 3(1) (a) of the Domestic Violence Act.

According to State papers, on July 14 at around 1.30pm, Prof Ncube met his wife in Bulawayo’s central business district and ordered her to get into his car so that he could drive to her house in Bulawayo’s Morningside suburb where they intended to resolve an undisclosed “burning issue.”

Along the way, Prof Ncube diverted from the route and drove to his house in Hillside.

On arrival at his house, Prof Ncube allegedly ordered the complainant to disembark from the car but she refused.

He got angry and pulled her from the car before allegedly dragging towards the house.

During the alleged scuffle, Ms Gumede’s wrist watch was damaged.

It was stated in the papers that Ms Gumede tried to escape, but Prof Ncube blocked her before allegedly slapping her on the cheek.

The victim left the house and when she was by the gate, Prof Ncube followed her and gave her a handbag and a shoe, which she had left in the car while being dragged out.

Ms Gumede reported the matter to the police leading to Prof Ncube’s arrest.

The woman was referred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) for medical examination but she did not to go.

The matter was taken to court last week where Ms Gumede opted to withdraw the charges against her husband.

“I wish to withdraw the domestic violence charge against the accused Welshman Ncube. I made the complaint because I was angry following an argument that we had and I am sorry. I am now fully withdrawing the charges unconditionally so that I pursue other avenues to resolve the matter,” said Ms Gumede in her affidavit.

She stated that she regretted wasting the police’s time.

“I wish to state that there is no basis for any investigation, questioning or cautioning the accused person because he did not assault me but instead used harsh words against me during the argument. I am sorry for wasting the police’s time,” she said.

Prof Ncube could not be reached for comment yesterday.