‘We will not accept rights lecture from slave trade America’ – Zanu PF

Acting Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa

ZANU PF says it will not accept human rights lectures from countries that were involved in the slave trade and have not shown any remorse towards the brutalities to this day.

Speaking Thursday during its weekly spokesperson’s media brief at the party’s headquarters, Patrick Chinamasa said the party demands that the western countries make public apologies and pay reparations for the brutalities caused during the slave trade.

“Zanu PF takes strong exception to being lectured on issues of human rights by citizens of countries which perpetrate the brutalities accompanying the Atlantic African Slave Trade and colonial conquest of Africa and who refuse to render apologies or pay reparations,” he said.

“Zanu PF is fully aware that countries which today parade themselves as paragons of human rights observance, namely England, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Canada, German and the United States of America participated in the Atlantic African Slave Trade and were enriched as a consequence have not apologised for the crimes against humanity which were committed during that era.

“Zanu PF also condemns unreservedly the discriminatory and racist manner the issue pertaining to reparations has been handled globally.

“They have not offered or paid any reparations for the past wrongs,” he said.

The Zanu PF led administration is under fire for rampant rights abuses targeted at ruling party opponents and critics.

Western countries have been most outspoken in both condemning and urging a stop to brutalities committed by the Emmerson Mnangagwa led administration.

Government is adamant claims of the brutalities were false and concocted by government critics using social media. – Newzim