‘We warned Chamisa but we were ridiculed’ – Renowed political analyst

Nelson Chamisa

University of Zimbabwe’s Political Science lecturer, Eldred V Masunungure has said that the power crisis in the opposition MDC started with the party’s decision to appoint Nelson Chamisa as its leader.

Masunungure speaks when the Supreme Court has ruled on the stewardship of the MDC reinstating Thokozani Khupe on the helm of the party.

While some believe that the ruling is inconsequential, Masunungure says that the judgment has far-reaching consequences that can even affect the party’s performance in future elections.

Speaking to DailyNews, Masunungure said:

The problem started in February 2018 with the decision to appoint Chamisa as the president. Some of us pointed this to Chamisa, but we were ridiculed because of the wave of populism around him.

Everything has consequences and these are the consequences of a rushed decision … this is largely self-inflicted.
Of course, Zanu PF is capable of making Machiavellian moves, but the MDC has itself to blame.

He warned that a raft of changes are likely to take place in the party predicting that Khupe will promote and or demote some party officials.

Masunungure also said that the issue cannot be wished away hence the need for party officials to address it.

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