War of words escalates on twitter as Robert Mugabe’s allies clash

Chiwenga and Mnangagwa

National Patriotic Front spokesman Jealousy Mawarire says there is nothing wrong with questioning one’s citizenship especially when people are heading for elections.

Responding to Jonathan Moyo’s tweet in which he defended President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga after Mawarire said Mnangagwa is Zambian and Chiwenga Mozambican, Mawarire said: “In any election, the origins of contestants is questioned to establish their committment to their country. Obama’s origins was questioned so was Trump’s. There is nothing illegal about that unless one is an anti-freedom of speech zealot.”

In another tweet, Mawarire said: “There is nothing false with saying ED is Zambian, he is. He buried his father at their home in Zambia, went to school in Zambia and was a member of UNIP youth league in his home country. I haven’t seen any law that outlaws calling anyone a Zambian or Mozambican.”

Though he grew up in Zambia, Mnangagwa was born in Zvishavane or Shabani as it then was in September 1942.

His parents, however, moved to Zambia and Mnangagwa went to Mumbwa Boys School.


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