Video: Welshman Ncube backs NPF

MDC president Professor Welshman Ncube

In an interview with Nqobile Bhebhe, MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube said the coalition is unconcerned about the Ambrose Mutinhiri led National Patriotic Front (NPF).

This follows reports that the NPF is former president Robert Mugabe’s new project that is meant to challenge Zanu-PF in the forthcoming polls. Ncube also added that President Emmerson Mnangagwa should not stop Mugabe and his G40 counterparts from forming an opposition party as it is their right to do so.

Ncube’s comments come after Mnangagwa indicated that he was unhappy at the news that Mugabe was behind the NPF and that Government was investigating the issue. Said Ncube:

…We think it is wrong for President Mnangagwa to begin to speak as if Robert Mugabe and his G40 have no right to organise themselves, as if action will be taken against any of them. It is fundamentally wrong. Let the people judge them.

The people of this country know what damage, what harm and what suffering Robert Mugabe brought onto the country. I believe that they will meet the full wrath of the people at an election. But no one should stop them from organising themselves…

Watch the video below for Ncube’s full response;