‘US, Britain sponsoring terrorist groups in Zimbabwe’ – Deputy Defence Minister

Victor Matemadanda

Zanu-PF national political commissar and Defence deputy minister Victor Matemadanda launched vitriolic attacks against the United States and Britain, alleging that the two powers were meddling into Zimbabwean politics.

He accused the two countries of cheering MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s ‘disregard’ for the rule of law following his loss of a Supreme Court case challenging the 2018 presidential election results.

Matemadanda made the remarks while addressing a Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial inter-district meeting in Masvingo recently.

He attacked Britain, the United States and the European Union (EU) whom he alleged to have injected US$5 million to fund ‘terror’ groups that want to usurp power from the Zanu-PF government.

A visibly agitated Matemadanda said that ‘the Americans’ were trying to grab power in the country through the back door by sponsoring anarchy.

“The problem we have is that of the British, Americans and the European Union who keep on supporting someone (Chamisa) who does not recognise the rule of law. He refused to accept the 2018 election results and he approached the Supreme Court.

“The Supreme Court upheld the election results but still the Americans and British keep supporting Chamisa. If the Americans and British are morally upright, they must reign in Chamisa and tell him that what he is doing is stupid.

“The challenge we have is that of our former colonisers who still want to use a delinquent young man to take power through the back door. They are using Chamisa who does not recognise the court ruling and they are saying that is the person’s rights have been violated. What about Chamisa’s violation of the rule of law? The Americans are silent on that one,” said Matemadanda.

He said that if Americans were truly democratic as they preach, they had to call Chamisa ‘to order’.

“We won the elections. If the Americans are truly democratic and have no any other hidden interest, they must tell Chamisa to shake President Mnangagwa’s hand not sponsor him to rise against the government.

“That is our only problem not any other nonsense they may try to tell us. Chamisa says he is a leader of a democratic party but does not want to be democratic. One fundamental tenet of democracy is the rule of law.

“If Chamisa was going to win an election in future, losers will dispute the result because he is setting a wrong precedent. If the British and Americans are going to support someone who refuses to be bound by the Supreme Court decisions, then they are hypocrites,” said Matemadanda.

He said that Americans preached about democracy which they do not want to practice.

“They talk about democracy that they do not want to practice or even want those that they support to practice and accept. That is bull**. We liberated this country with guns from the British and Americans being supported by the European Union. We are no afraid of them,” said Matemadanda.

He claimed that America and Britain were funding ‘rebel’ groups to rise against the Zanu-PF government.

“The Americans and British have poured in over US$5 million to do propaganda against Zanu-PF government on social media. This is why you are seeing a lot of lies being peddled against Zanu-PF on social media. They are doing that because they were given funds for that,” said Matemadanda.

He also said government will not lose sleep over Chamisa because he was ‘a nonentity’ who should focus on his ‘dying’ MDC.

“We will not lose sleep over Chamisa. He is just a desperate young man who should focus on his dying MDC. Chamisa has nothing which the Zanu-PF government wants,” said Matemadanda.

Source – tellzim