US based Zimbabwean Donald Trump supporter amongst Capitol Hill invaders

Melissa Tate with the coup leader.

A Zimbabwean based in the US Melissa Tate is seen in the following video saying democracy is being swept away in America and Trump won the elections resoundingly.

Melissa is a starchy Trump supporter who at one point listed being retweeted by Trump as one of her achievements according to HITC

Melissa who said she was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to the US when she was 19 said the following in a video she posted on her Twitter handle:

  1. America is a great republic if they can keep it
  2. Americans have the last chance to fight for their nation because there won’t be fair American elections in 2024
  3. The Democrats will have 4 more years to perfect election rigging
  4. The Democrats will legalize all illegal immigrants in America
  5. The Democrats will open up borders and flood America will tens of millions of people they can control
  6. Republicans and conservatives will never be elected into office again after that.
  7. Trump won resoundingly

Melissa was in DC where Trump reportedly incited his followers to go and protest at Capitol Hill this week after she posted on her Facebook a flier of the rally where she was speaking:

Melissa Tate text MAGA to 31996 on Twitter: "We had a great time! Thank you President Trump 🇺🇸🙌🏾 #TulsaTrumpRally #TulsaRally #MAGA #Trump2020Landslide…"

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