Uncle Roland dumped by mates and lovers after bank accounts fozen

Uncle Roland Muchegwa and his girls

Party Animal and ‘Ladies Man’ Roland Muchegwa has found himself in a precarious situation after the South African Revenue Services(SARS) froze all his Company Bank Accounts on allegations of tax evasion and unscrupulous business dealings.

A the timeless adage goes, when days are dark, friends are few, predictably, the groupies, the freebooters and hangers-on have deserted the business tycoon.

Taking to Micro-blogging site Twitter, Muchegwa bared his soul revealing how his friends had abandoned him following his mishaps with the tax-man.

After my bank accounts got frozen things have changed. All the people who were following me are now avoiding me. This is the moment to see who true friends are. People love you and support you when it’s beneficial. A real friend is one who walks in when everyone is walking out.

Muchegwa is under investigation on allegations of fuel smuggling whereby he and his associates buy cheap fuelAdvertisementfrom areas like Kwazulu Natal province after misrepresentation of export and sell it at a profit in Limpopo province.

The clique also allegedly imports fuel from South Africa and lies that it’s in transit to DRC but offloads it in Zimbabwe where there are fuel shortages and feeds the black market for ridiculous profits.

The tanker then proceeds to DRC filled with water, because the weighbridge cannot dictate the type of liquid but quantity of contents, so this exercise legitimises the rot.

Uncle Roland, as he is affectionately know rose to fame after pictures of him with different fair-skinned(colloquially known as yellow bones) women of various shapes and sizes went viral on social media. The opulent lifestyle of the ‘Blesser’ caught the eye of the South African Authorities who then launched an investigation into his source of wealth. – Source: The Zimbabwe News Live

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