Strive Masiyiwa Lists Six ‘Crimes’ Committed By Jonathan Moyo As War Of Words Continues

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa has continued with his war of words with former G40 kingpin. Below is a full charge of the crimes he alleges were committed by Jonathan Moyo:

Econet Boss Strive Masiyiwa has written down a full charge sheet of the crimes that exiled former G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo committed. Below is the unedited full charge sheet:

1. I owned Zimbabwe’s largest daily independent newspaper. It was bombed with explosives when he was Minister of Information. He had threatened me and boasted about it earlier

2. When I re-opened the newspaper he introduced the harshest media laws and shut it down permanently

3. Prior to the closure of the paper, he arrested journalist almost every week.

4. He sent thugs to the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe to force the resignation of the entire bench. The thugs jumped on the benches and mocked judges.

5. He was part of a decision to lock up Senior Executives who were locked up in leg irons because I was accused of financing the opposition and free press in the country.

6. Jonathan Moyo organized farm invasions, theft of elections and violence against the opposition. He regularly called for my arrest and harm.

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