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South African Company Distances Itself from Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu

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Harare,– A South African company that supplied election materials for Zimbabwe’s 2023 Harmonised Elections has publicly distanced itself from individuals Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu.

The company’s statement comes in response to rumours and social media reports linking the two individuals to its operations.

In an official communication, the company clarified its position, stating unequivocally that neither Mike Chimombe nor Moses Mpofu were involved in any capacity with the procurement or supply of election materials.

“We wish to make it clear that our company has no affiliation or contractual relationship with Mike Chimombe or Moses Mpofu. Any claims suggesting otherwise are entirely false,” the company said.

The company emphasized that all materials supplied for the 2023 elections were procured through formal and transparent processes. “Our business adheres strictly to all regulatory and oversight requirements in our operations. We conducted thorough due diligence and complied with all necessary procurement regulations in supplying election materials,” the statement read.


This clarification follows recent allegations on social media suggesting that Chimombe and Mpofu were linked to the company and had received commissions related to the election supplies. The company refuted these claims, urging the public to disregard such misinformation. “It is important to rely on verified information and not be swayed by unfounded rumors. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in our dealings.”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) also recently addressed related rumors, affirming that all procurement activities for the 2023 Harmonised Elections were above board and free from third-party interference. ZEC Acting Chief Elections Officer, Ms. C. Ngandini, reiterated that the commission had no contracts with the individuals named in the reports and that all suppliers directly delivered the materials.


The company’s statement seeks to further assure stakeholders and the public of its commitment to ethical business practices and to dispel any concerns about improper conduct or affiliations. As the situation continues to develop, both the company and ZEC remain dedicated to upholding transparency and accountability in their operations.