Soldier’s home attacked

A Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) employee and his family are living in constant fear after they have become targets for attack by suspected political misfits.

The soldier, who lives in Zinyanga village under Chief Seke, says his house has been stoned almost every night.

Narrating his ordeal to the State media, Malvern Warirai said the attacks started on Friday last week when unknown people started throwing stones at his house during the night.

He said while no major damages have been recorded to date, he worries that his family is constantly under risk.

Warirai said he suspects that attacks are politically motivated and bent on seeking revenge against members of the security forces following the violent disturbances that happened last week in Harare and resulted in the death of 6 people and injury of 14 others.

“The events of the last four days have left my family dumbfounded and in great fear because I don’t know what action these people will be taking next, so I am considering to relocate my family up to a time their security can be guaranteed,” he said.

Warirai has since reported the attacks to the police and the case is under investigation.

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