Sikhala claims assassination attempt

Job Sikhala

MDC vice-chairman Job Sikhala has said the attack on his family on Monday was an attempt to assassinate his family.


Incensed that he was now under investigations by the police over allegations that he sent four men to assault Lawrence Danha, a motorist who crushed his car into his home, Sikhala has turned his guns to the police, saying they could be part of a terrorist attack on his family.

“The statement by Assistant Commissioner of police Paul Nyathi, insinuating that the person responsible for the terrorist attack at my house on August 12 was assaulted on my instigation, has clearly brought out the duplicity of the State security agents in a well-planned sting of an assassination attempt against my family,” Sikhala said.
Nyati said Danha reported the attack on his person by Sikhala and later, the legislator also reported the destruction of his property following the accident.

“The statement misinformed the public that the attacker reported to the police first of his purported assault before I made the report about the deliberate terrorist attack at my house. This is a statement betraying the State security agents’ involvement on the assassination attempt of my family on the day in question,” Sikhala said.

“Firstly, the statement confirms our suspicion that the attack that destroyed my durawall (sic) angle near the sitting room was an attack on my family by agents of the regime, who anticipated the assassination of my family members, failure of which might lead to the attack or murder of the assassination agent if he was apprehended by the public so as to find any best way to get at me.”

Sikhala called on the police to vindicate themselves by ensuring that Danha is fully prosecuted.

“I demand the full prosecution of the State-instigated terrorist attack at my house and the culprits must pay for the restoration of my durawall to its status quo ante,” he said.

Nyathi told NewsDay that they wiould continue with the investigations into both cases, in an impartial manner.