Sangoma snatches client’s husband

FOR Sephukile Mathuthu, from Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park suburb, things were not going well for her husband Prince Mathuthu when they decided to consult a sangoma, Malandisa Ncube, from Old Magwegwe suburb.

The sangoma reportedly healed her husband without any hassles, but Sephukile is now hurt and frustrated.

This is because after helping her husband, the “devious” sangoma complicated her life by snatching him.

After she found herself sharing her husband with a “hot” sangoma, she suspected that Malandisa did other things to him.

Last week she visited the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking a peace order against her, while protesting that she wanted the sangoma to leave her man alone.

“I want a peace order against Malandisa Ncube who is my husband’s girlfriend. She constantly calls me while insulting and threatening me. Because of her acts I no longer have peace as she also texts me insulting messages.

“She is a traditional healer and I used to consult her when my husband Prince Mathuthu was sick. She ended up having a relationship with him.

“She is always calling me and my husband and we ended up fighting because of that,” protested Sephukile.

She said Malandisa was also threatening her saying she would “fix” her since she was a sangoma.

“She is also threatening me saying she is a sangoma and can fix me, the latest incident being last month. I want the court to help me by barring her from insulting and threatening me and also to stop her from coming to my house,” begged Sephukile.

Sephukile and Prince got married in 1997.

In response Malandisa admitted that she snatched Sephukile’s husband when they consulted her for help. She, however, said they had since separated.

“I never phoned her or went to her house to see her husband. She is the one who is phoning me and I don’t respond.

“She sent me insulting messages and when I responded she said that is what she wanted so that she could take me to court.

“There is just bad blood between us after I had an affair with her husband long back. It’s not like I’m a traditional healer, but a prophetess since I assist people with Holy water,” responded Malandisa.

Sephukile, however, insisted that she was a sangoma and that the adulterous relationship was also still subsisting.

“She is a sangoma and is still having an affair with my husband. My husband even apologised to me,” she said.

In coming up with a ruling the presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube took into consideration the fact that it was common cause that Malandisa was or is still in a relationship with Sephukile’s husband.

“Applicant is married under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11, a strictly monogamous marriage therefore, she will be hurt by any affair involving her husband.

“The parties have bad blood and as such, there is a mutual verbal attack between them and a reciprocal order is hereby granted that parties are ordered not to threaten, call or send each other insulting messages,” ruled the magistrate.

Source – chronicle

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