SADC never helped Zimbabwe, they should let military improve situation – Dabengwa

Former liberation war veteran and leader of ZAPU, Dumiso Dabengwa has said that SADC should not interfere in the political situation in Zimbabwe as the regional group had never done anything positive for Zimbabwe.

Referring to the takeover of power by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Dabengwa said SADC should allow the military to improve the situation in Zimbabwe. Dabengwa also said that it would be unfair for the military intervention to be described as a coup.

Speaking at a presss conference in in Sandton City, Mandela Square South Afica on Friday, Dabengwa said:

They should allow the military to improve the situation. Calling it a coup is unfair on the military guys, it’s far from a coup.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces seized power on Wednesday after warning President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF to stop the purge of liberation war icons from the party.

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