Mugabe’s ex-Minister clash with Chinese Ambassador

Prof Jonathan Moyo

ZIMBABWE’s exiled former Information Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has accused Zhao Baogang the Chargé d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe for meddling into the political affairs of Zimbabwe.

The deputy Ambassador had posted a tweet saying that Zimbabweans are only dying from Coronavirus in the UK and not in China.

Said Moyo, “This revolutionary Chinese friend of the rogue regime is undiplomatically & proudly celebrating Zimbabwean deaths in the UK due to #COVID19 in such an insensitive way that would get him sent back to his racist homeland in any other country with a proper & legitimate government!”

Baogang deleted the tweet prompting Moyo to say, “The racist diplomat from racist China has deleted his offensive, outrageous and totally unacceptable tweet as if he does not know that the Internet, or rather @Twitter, does not forget. This @zhaobaogang2011 must go!”

The controversial diplomat also called for the removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe saying,”Sanctions harm Zim more than COVID-19 South Africa calls for an end to Zimbabwe sanctions to help fight Covid-19.”

Moyo further accused the diplomat of abusing his status in the country.

“Goodness me. This diplomat, from racist China, relishes taking undiplomatic liberties on Zimbabwean issues.

He’s blissfully unaware that Chinese mega-deals, most which have been signed by either corrupt or drunken officials, are even more harmful as they rob future generations!” Said Moyo.

Source – Byo24

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