Robert Mugabe’s ex-Minister sings praise of Ian Smith

Last Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith

THE Zimbabwe People’s Party President Walter Mzrembi says Zimbabweans enjoyed  abetter quality of life under the racist Ian Smith administration than under the black majority rule under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime.

Walter Mzembi made the remarks while commenting on a Twitter thread ignited by Senior journalist Brezhnev Malaba who had asked if people enjoyed a better quality of life economically in Rhodesia than in present-day Zimbabwe.

“It was an honour for a teacher to sleep overnight at your house, huku yaitofa . At Mucheke Sec School it free milk and madzedze . Dating a nurse was the highest honour , let alone an SRN ( Sister ) . An LDO and Woman Advisor in rural areas were royalty ,yaaa.” Mzembi said. “Smith may have asked us to produce letters to access First Street which was discriminatory …but looking at First Street now and then …we have even abandoned it and are now building a new city in Mt Hampden ! What a mess ! Ndozvataichemera here ?”

When asked what he did during his tenure in government to assist Zimbabweand Mzembi said, “During my time at Tourism I directed ZTA to adopt it & invited COH into the Project , some Corporates, reintroduced Christmas lights etc , filled up gullies and trenches , we extended the project to some Carnival routes but we lost the war to Vendors!”

The former razzmatazz Minister is currently holed up in South Africa where he relocated to after the bloody coup that ended 37 years of the late President Robert Mugabe’s rule.

The coup claimed the life of a number of Zikmbabweand including that of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) Boss Peter Munetsia while former CIO top spy Albert Ngulube was bashed by soldiers to a pulp.

Source – Byo24