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Robert Jnr praises ‘motherly’ Grace

Grace Mugabe and Robert Jnr
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HARARE – During her reign as the first lady, Grace Mugabe was an influential politician in both government and Zanu PF party.

She was also a mother and the nation called her “Dr Amai”.

Apart from being the “nation’s mother”, Grace was also a mother at home with three kids and that role is slowly being revealed through one of her sons, Robert Jnr.

But what kind of a mother was she for her kids?

In several Instagram posts, Robert Jnr takes time to appreciate and give praises to his mother.

“Mother of Legends, Legend amongst Mothers. #stayfit” he captioned a picture which they were taken together while doing fitness training in Singapore recently.

Some of the people who follow him on that account went on to agree with him, saying Grace appears fresh and way younger than her age in the picture.

“Haa she’s way more fit than some athletes I know,” he wrote.

And we might start seeing her being active on social media. “We gonna start an Instagram page for her and make that (mother of legends…) her handle,” Robert Jnr responded after a follower had thought the caption was on grace’s Instagram account handle.

Robert Jnr went on to post another picture of his mother with the caption; “#G #realslayer”, but turned off comments on the post.

He also posted another picture of his plate full of food and wrote; “Uncle Bob and Gucci Grace enjoy feeding me.”

The plate had curried rice, baked beans, vegetables and meat and filled to the brim.

Grace has previously spoken about the relationship she has with her children in previous interview, sometimes chastising them for bad behaviour.

While many have been wondering how the first family have been living, the former first lady and her son Robert Jnr have been keeping fit, spiced with adventures and smiles.

The two were taken pictures and videos recently while on a run in a botanical garden in Singapore, where former president Robert Mugabe is apparently seeking medical attention.

Grace was pictured looking fresh and toned in her training gear (black tights, white Nike sweater black trainers and Adidas visor).

A fan asked Robert Jnr why his mother was not wearing his xGx label as he had said previously that one day he want to dress his parents.

In another picture the former first lady is shown with Robert Jnr and another guy who seemed to be a friend of her son. The two boys were wearing Nike shirts while Robert junior and his mother stood huddled together and the other guy squatted in front.

Another picture showed them now taking a breather while sitting on a bench, holding their liquids, Grace seated in the middle.

Grace who turns 53 next month previously revealed that she loves to exercise saying she loved playing local music while training. – Daily News