Protest to go ahead without police approval – Organisers

Jacob Ngarivhume

OPPOSITION Transform Zimbabwe leader and coordinator of the planned July 31 mass demonstrations, Jacob Ngarivhume has vowed the anti-government protest will proceed with or without police approval.

In an exclusive interview with NewZimbabwe.com Thursday, Ngarivhume said he would be sending notifications to district police stations early next week to inform them of the planned action.

He said he was currently mobilising support from other political parties, civil society organisations and business organisations.

“During this whole week, I have been meeting with all these groups which have pledged support to our cause,” he said.

“We want to stage nationwide demonstrations to demand the availing of the Unites States dollar for all citizens, end of poverty, equality and better health care.

“We are preparing notifications to police, which we will send out early next week.

“Our intention is to come up with one national notification which we will give to the police command and others which will address specific district police centres.

“But what you need to bear in mind is that this is a mere notification and not an application for approval and whether or not they permit, the demonstrations will proceed.”

The planned street protests come amid a worsening economic crisis punctuated by hyperinflation, erosion of income and high cost of goods and services.

The crisis has been worsened by the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic.

This becomes the first major demonstration organised by a different party other than the main opposition MDC. – Newzim

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