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Prophet burns demonic iPhone

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A Sunningdale prophet has shocked the community by claiming his iPhone was hacked by a demon who went on to text 3 of the married women in his WhatsApp group begging for sex.
Prophet John Todd Vines(36) of The Blessed Vineyard Church made the claim after being confronted by a husband of one of the ladies.
The messages were too graphic and even included nudes.
The lady hadn’t believed it was really the prophet sending her the messages.
But the sender insisted, “Ndagara ndototapirirwa newe. Nditoriwo munhu wenyama. I promise to make you come”.
In one message the sender said he was good at oral sex. “Ndinonanzva kunge ndikudya ice cream.”
The Citizen caught up with Todd Vines and he seemed calm after burning the phone.
“As you can see the demonic phone is gone. The demon wanted to destroy the ministry.”
Two of the husbands turned up for the burning ceremony and appeared relieved the demon phone had been burned.
“I am happy the demon was burned. We prayed that it won’t happen again. I feel angry that the demon had targeted our prophet. He has changed our lives so much,” commented Mr Moyo.
We managed to track the husband who didn’t turn up, it is said the wife had replied favourably to the ‘demon’ and even arranged to meet him.
” I won’t be deceived. Vines knows what he did and he will surely pay for it. He is a wolf in a sheepskin.”
The Citizen just hopes nothing tragic will happen because of the ‘demonic phone.’