Prof Moyo savages Chamisa over lack of structures

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

EXILED former information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has once again hit out at the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) over its lack of structures, describing the party as delinquent and operating like a secret society.

Professor Moyo has ripped into CCC leader Nelson Chamisa once again over his continued lack of party structures despite being popular with the electorate.

In a Twitter post motivated by the recent Nigerian elections in which Peter Obi, the main antagonist to President-elect Bola Tinubu contested without structures, Moyo warned voters to be wary of politicians who keep their plans in confidence.

“If a politician who wants your vote tells you that “everything is gonna be alright” while they’re keeping their plan or structures close to their chest as a ‘secret strategy’, beware; you are dealing with a clueless and desperate voodoo politician who is out of his or her depth!,” said Prof Moyo.

Since last year Prof Moyo has not spared any holy cows in his critique of the Chamisa-led opposition party, which he has described as a “secret society”.

“Since #CCC is ‘structureless’ and constitution-less its leaders, who ironically are a structure, are using silence as a strategy to get its members to support unilateral and illegal Western sanctions, demonise land reform and revere Ian Smith and, by extension, Cecil Rhodes!

“The consequence of #CCC‘s refusal to be transparent about its structures is that the party has become deviant; effectively operating as a secret society, and employing political delinquency, such as the glorification of Ian Smith by its supporters, as a political strategy!” Prof. Moyo then said.

Professor Moyo was irked by CCC’s decision to operate without any structure and Constitution after his offer to work with the opposition movement were snubbed.

Chamisa and his lieutenants have maintained they will continue without the said structures so as to avoid infiltration by the ruling Zanu-PF party.

Recently, CCC national spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere hinted that the party will officially launch in preparation of the harmonised elections that are scheduled to take place later this year.

Moyo, who has led criticism over the absence of structures once said; “The refusal by #CCC to be transparent about its structures has been compounded not only by the fact that the party does not have a constitution; but also by the strange reason for the refusal, that the party wants to protect itself from infiltration by Zanu-PF or the state!”

He said registration of political parties was long overdue.

“No secret society should masquerade as a political party or contest any election; no political party should be registered if its leaders or members denigrate the liberation struggle or violate s3 of the Constitution!

“It is common cause that the absolute and inescapable need for Zimbabwe to align itself with the globally well established democratic and constitutional practice of registering political parties, has been occasioned by #CCC‘s refusal to be transparent about its structures!”

He added; “… it is not surprising that, to check against political destabilisation by secret societies, registration of political parties is the norm in countries like the US, UK, Germany & across Africa!

“A country, especially in the developing world, in which secret societies, such as the Triple K (Ku Klux Klan) or the Freemasons, can mushroom unchecked as political parties, is prone to predictable destabilisation & disorder. That is why political parties must be registered!”

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