Prof. Moyo deny he is advising Chamisa

Former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo

THE beleaguered self-exiled former cabinet minister and G40 Faction kingpin, Jonathan Moyo has refuted allegations made by the state-owned state media that he has been advising Nelson Chamisa.

Moyo said that had he been Chamisa’s lawyer, he would have advised him to stay the course as more than 2.6 million had voted for him. Writing on Twitter, Moyo said,

After claiming they won the disputed election & even after the ConCourt has endorsed that claim, the self-claimed winners are still running scared. Now they’ve a new scapegoat: moi! (me)

On the eve of the 30 July election, they said a vote for Chamisa was a vote for Mugabe. And on the eve of the ConCourt decision, they again pointed fingers at Mugabe, who appointed the bench. After the ConCourt sided with them, they needed a new bogeyman: Jonathan Moyo. LMAO!

Me Chamisa’s advisor? I’m flattered to learn from the reliable Sunday Mail that, out of the blue, the junta has appointed me as Nelson Chamisa’s advisor. I hope Chamisa will confirm this great appointment for which I expect to be remunerated handsomely. Please, no junta jokes!

Let’s get the facts and figures right. If I were Chamisa’s advisor, I wouldn’t advise him to form a political party when even fools know he is Tsvangirai’s successor as MDC leader. But I would tell him to stay the course with the over 2,6 million Zimbabweans who voted for him!

After the ConCourt decision, regime mouthpieces like Caesar Zvayi (Herald Editor) presented Nelson Chamisa as a nomad; looking for a political party. Hogwash. Even the junta’s prime mover, Catriona Laing (British Ambassador to Zimbabwe), knows Chamisa is a major political figure in Zim. Chamisa needs no advice about that!

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