Police Spokesperson complains of undue criticism, says promoted on merit

HARARE – Zimbabwe spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has said that she was promoted on merit after rising through the ranks.

She also said that she gets a lot of criticism which is undue due to the fact that she is a woman. Speaking to H-Metro, Charamba said,

It is so pathetic to learn that people are quick to judge especially those who spend most of their time on social media to discourage people who are doing something to earn a living. Let people know that there is only one way to avoid criticism: ‘say nothing, do nothing and be nothing’,” one writer once said.

Women are ever discouraged and looked down upon as if men are the only ones who can do best, but as for me I worked hard and got promoted. At roadblocks, it was a taboo for a police officer to receive a bribe and no one was bribing police officers as well; a thing I wish Zimbabweans would follow to fight corruption.

I took over my position from Wayne Bvudzijena, who I want to believe was not criticised the same way I am being attacked. Why, why, because I am a woman? It’s very bad for Zimbabweans to develop a syndrome of looking down upon women since they are our mothers. Some suggest that I rose through dating my seniors which is wrong.. Did Bvudzijena rise by being sexually abused as well?

Source: Pindula