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Ostallos Siziva placed on tight spot by Pelandaba-Tshabalala residents

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Ostallos Siziva, the purported ‘candidate’ for the Pelandaba-Tshabalala constituency under the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), recently found himself under scrutiny from constituents who questioned his eligibility for their votes.

Despite Siziva’s campaign efforts, a High Court ruling prevented CCC legislators, including him, from contesting. However, prior to this decision, he had been actively seeking support with optimism about a favorable court outcome.

During a Town Hall discussion, a woman raised concerns about Siziva’s achievements during his brief tenure in the House of Assembly. In response, lawyer Denford Halimani clarified that the role of a Member of Parliament (MP) is legislative, not developmental. He suggested that inquiries about development efforts should be directed towards aspiring Councillors or Ministers.

Siziva, who had secured a resounding victory in August, was unexpectedly recalled by CCC Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu for reasons that remain unclear. An election to replace him has been scheduled for February 3.

Critics from the community expressed a desire to witness tangible improvements, emphasizing that the focus should shift from legislative discussions to on-the-ground actions. They pointed out the need for practical initiatives, such as road repairs, questioning why progress had not been initiated despite promises made during parliamentary sessions.

Source – newzimbabwe