No Responsible Parent Throws Jiggies To A Child Who Is Burning The Village, Charamba Tells Chamisa

George Charamba

Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet and Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba has warned MDC president Nelson Chamisa that he would soon be prosecuted.

Charamba said Chamisa has to show maturity and responsibility and accept the outcome of the July 30 polls for him to be taken seriously. He said

Essentially, that is what he is saying, to say ‘your voting is useless, I have my own ways which is above the ballot and which is above the people’. And if he thinks there is an irresponsible parent who throws jiggies to a child who is burning the village, sorry hake.

We want to establish the facts and soon after the facts have been established, prosecutorial action will be taken because we have lost lives. But more critically, we will have more elections for as long as this country lives as a democratic proposition.

If we don’t send a clear signal that you don’t dabble in violence and trivialise life, it will mean that this thing will continue haunting us. It’s a very serious matter.