“We Have No Opposition To Worry About,”- Khaya Moyo

Simon Khaya Moyo

ZANU-PF will now focus on improving the quality of people’s lives this year because the revolutionary party’s competitors are virtually non existent, a senior party official has boasted.

As he chronicled the party’s achievements in the past year Zanu PF National Spokesperson Ambassador, Simon Khaya Moyo told ruling party members in Harare at the weekend that opposition parties had failed to topple the revolutionary party due to policy inconsistency.

Moyo also predicted a resounding victory for Zanu PF in this year’ s harmonised elections.

“Zanu-PF is a robust, organised and reliable party with clear principles, programmes and policies that appeal to the generality of our people.

We believe we are a party that promotes the quality of life for our people.

We politically liberated this country.Now our focus will be on the economy,” said Moyo.

“We have nothing to worry about at the moment because victory is certain for us.

That Zanu PF will win the elections is a foregone conclusion,” said Moyo.

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