Mzembi’s party slams govt for policy inconsistencies

Walter Mzembi

THE party led by Zimbabwe former Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister Dr. Walter Mzembi the People’s Party (ZPP) has slamed Zimbabwe govermnent for policy inconsistencies after it allowed Zuva Petroleum to sell fuel in foreign currency.

In a statement issued by the pary Secretary-General Lloyd Msipa, the party said; “The recent announcement by Zuva Petroleum company that eight of their service stations have been granted DFI status, allowing them to receipt and sell fuel in foreign currency, is yet another example of the policy inconsistency and brazen corruption that characterises Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

“While trading in foreign currency has been outlawed for the rest of the business community, Zuva Petroleum is enjoying an exemption not available to other players in the industry.

The question is why the company is enjoying these favours? This resurrects longstanding questions about the ownership and shareholding of Zuva Petroleum which has long been suspected to have links to Mnangagwa himself,” the statement said.

“All institutions, businesses and organisations are equal before the law,   as is enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe. That some businesses are allowed exemption from the law, giving them an unfair trading advantage over competitors, is the very definition of corruption.

“The silence of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) speaks volumes of its partisan approach to fighting corruption. This is unsurprising given that the ZACC chairperson is the wife of a cabinet minister, presenting an obvious conflict of interest.

Zimbabwe does not belong to Zanu PF and Zuva Petroleum; it belongs to all of us. We therefore demand that this exemption be extended to all fuel stations in the country. That failing, we will eventually be taking action on behalf of the people through whose agency we speak,” the party said.