‘My daughter was buried like a dog’ – Moana’s mother fumes

The late Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Umali

The mother of the late Mitchelle Amuli (Moana) has talked the time to explain why she wants to have a second memorial  for the late Moana, the Daily News reports. Yolanda Kuvaoga has said she wants to have the memorial so that Moana’s friends who could not attend her burial can attend the memorial. She also said she was not happy with the way Moana was buried and said her daughter was buried as a dog.

Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday Kuvaoga said:

I am not happy with the way my daughter was buried. Mitchelle was buried like a dog and this pains me a lot. She was popular and that was not a secret. All I wanted was to see all her friends attending the burial. It was also my wish to see Doves Funeral Services leading the funeral procession to match Moana’s standards.

I had no problem with seeing Mitchelle going down without a casket, all I wanted was to do a normal funeral including taking the body from the hospital mortuary to the private mortuary, in this case Doves. Doves were supposed to provide a casket for the funeral procession. It would have been better if they (Muslims) had crushed the casket at the grave site and buried the body the way they wanted.

Since she was a people’s person, the event is mainly targeting some of her friends who failed to attend the burial. We are also trying to give our daughter deserving respect considering that she was buried like a dog.

Kuvaoga also said Moana was seeing Ginimbi at the time of her death and also dispelled rumours that she was not close to her daughter when she said:

I am surprised by people who labelled Mitchelle a commercial sex worker. No, she was not into sex work. She was a hard worker who earned her money from her acting and her fitness career. She was not in love with Genius (Kadungure) but they clicked very well as they were all into business.

All her properties will be inherited by her daughter. We will rather sell some of her belongings for the upkeep of the child.

We were very close to each other. If I was not close to her, there was no way she could renovate our Highfield house. Before she died, she gave me some of her belongings. Above all, we used to share some life secrets.

I still remember she had attempted to commit suicide three times when she was in an abusive relationship. Through my counselling, she managed to escape the abusive marriage. What she went through in her marriage is almost similar to what I went through in my marriage. Men can be ruthless and abusive. The only way to save your life is to walk away from that union.

Moana died alongside 3 others including popular socialine Ginimbi when the car they were travelling in was involved in a collusion with a Honda fit along Borrowdale road on 8 November 2020.

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