Mwonzora meets Khupe

Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe have  sat down and talked for the second time this year since the MDC T’s chaotic extraordinary congress that saw Mwonzora rising to become the party’s newest president.

An elated Mwoznora first shared a picture of him and Khupe captioned Victory is certain before the party spokesperson Witness Dube shared the same photos and tweeted:

Zim needs a truly unifying leader who can motivate pple to lay down their personal interests in pursuit of unity of purpose & the common good of our nation. Brilliant sights from @OurMDCT cockpit bring hope! Thank you @DMwonzora, Simboti, Newa, & @DrThoko_Khupe, Ngwadi, Vundla!

The NewsHawaks also commented on the meeting and said sources they spoke to said Mwonzor and Khupe were having a cordial working meeting:

It seems after initially rejecting MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora’s disputed chaotic victory, Thokozani Khupe seems to have now changed her mind. The two met today at MDC-T party HQ in Harare to exchange notes “in a cordial working meeting” after her full recovery from Covid-19.

Thokozani last made headlines early this year as she denied the results of their chaotic MDC T EOC in December before it was announced that she was hospitalised because of COVID-19. She then emerged and said she had not accepted the vice presidency post she was offered by Mwonzora after that,

Source: Witness Dube

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