Mutsangwa is back, fingers Jonathan Moyo on ‘fake’ tweets

War Vets leader Christopher Mutsvangwa

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chaiperson Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa says he is back to full fitness and is ready to lead the ex-liberation fighters, especially at a time when the country is under threat from elements that want to destabilise it.

The firebrand war veteran’s leader also dismissed a Twitter account that is purportedly posting messages in his name.

In an interview with the State media, Mutsvangwa said he suspects that fugitive Professor Jonathan Moyo, who of late has been on a frenetic anti-Government crusade, is behind the fake micro-blogging account.

“That account is definitely not mine; they are imposting and often abusing my name.

‘‘I have seen the account and I want to dismiss it as fake. They are trying by all means possible to soil my name. I suspect its Jonathan Moyo and the usual G40 suspects,” he said.

Mischievous characters, he added, took advantage of his ill-health to try and drive a wedge between him and his fellow comrades.

“People have been taking advantage of the time I was away as I was receiving surgery. They need to know that I am now back and back in full force.”

ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda said the reported fallout between him and the chairperson of the war veterans body was being engineered by “remnants of G40 that are still within our party”.

“Mutsvangwa and I are comrades in arms. I am happy that he is now back in office and he is fully fit. When he was away receiving treatment, there were some people that attempted to put a wedge between us by suggesting that I want to topple him as chairperson. There is no truth to that because I have never harboured such intentions,” he said.

He said Mutsvangwa is one of the few cadres with the history of successfully upending and debunking opposition media falsehoods.

Matemadanda, who is also the Deputy Minister of Defence and War Veterans Affairs, said the ex-combatants are more united than ever, especially in the wake of the recent disturbances.

“As war veterans, we fought for democracy and we understand that people should have a right to freedom of expression and a right to demonstrate. But we do not condone the acts of violence by the MDC and its acolytes. We condemn those acts of terrorism that led to loss of lives. We are appalled that non-Governmental organisations and some Western countries are now making a lot of noise, but they have not bothered to make any mention of the police officer who was killed by the terrorists. We are united under the leadership of Cde Mutsvangwa in defending the country from those machinations. We will defend our country.”