“Mugabe Will Not Be Buried At The National Heroes’ Acre”: Chinotimba

Joseph Chinotimba

Addressing supporters during a rally, Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu-PF) said former President Robert Mugabe will not be buried at the National Heroes Acre for “selling out”.

Chinotimba’s comments come after reports that Mugabe is behind the formation of the Ambrose Mutinhiri-led National Patriotic Front (NPF). Said Chinotimba:

If Mugabe and (National Patriotic Front leader Ambrose) Mutinhiri have sold out, then they are not fit to go to the national shrine. There are lots of people he denied the honour because he was in charge and was calling the shots. Sithole was denied the honour because he sold out during the war. Mugabe has sold out, he will not be buried there.