“Mugabe Was A Monolithic Dictator, The Current One Fathered Satan” – Sikhala

Job Sikhala

Zengeza West MP and Harare lawyer Job Sikhala said that it is an insult to compare former president Robert Mugabe with the current leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In an interview with the Daily News and published by Nehandaradio.com, Sikhala goes back to the time when he was at the University of Zimbabwe, and students attempted to storm Munhumutapa building to capture Mugabe. Said Sikhala:

If you recall Suharto was overthrown by Indonesian University students who were tired of his dictatorship and longtime misrule of the nation. We successfully mobilised students from the University of Zimbabwe, Harare Polytechnic, Harare Institute of Technology, Morgan ZINTEC and Seke Teachers College. It was after we won a High Court allowing us to demonstrate by then Justice Kamocha. We spent one-week camping at Parliament and Africa Unity Square.

After weeks of frustrations by non-response from the government, we intensified our action by planning to invade Munhumutapa Buildings to go and capture Mugabe. We agreed that we will assemble at Parliament as usual on the morrow. I was tasked with shouting ‘Operation One Time’ and then everyone will March to Munhumutapa via Second Street into Samora Machel.

We executed as planned and we were around 10 000 students. When we arrived at Munhumutapa I was tasked with besieging into Munhumutapa. Mugabe used the Police to fire strong teargas at the middle of the crowd and we ran into different directions. Some angry students left the entire CBD broken and looted. Mugabe just responded by shutting down UZ and Harare Polytechnic for a year.

No one was killed, maimed or arrested. And this regime kills tens, incarcerates thousands, tortured tens of thousands, displacing hundreds of thousands, capture the lower Courts to overthrow the proper dispensary of justice, give bizarre and awkward directives to deny people their Constitutional rights to bail until proven guilty and you honestly want to compare with Mugabe.

Yes, it’s true that Mugabe was a monolithic dictator. It will be even an insult to Satan to compare him with the current one. The current one fathered Satan.

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