Mugabe says he did not know his government had military tanks

An armoured personnel carrier stations by an intersection as Zimbabwean soldiers regulate traffic in Harare on November 15, 2017. Zimbabwe's military appeared to be in control of the country on November 15 as generals denied staging a coup but used state television to vow to target "criminals" close to President Mugabe. / AFP PHOTO / Jekesai NJIKIZANA (Photo credit should read JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Head of State Robert Mugabe has claimed that he did not know that Zimbabwe had modern tanks.

Addressing journalists in Harare on Thursday, Mugabe said he was told we had ancient tanks not the modern ones that patrolled the streets in November last year during the military takeover code-named Operation Restore Legacy. Said Mugabe:

… And then in our environment, rolled what we never knew we had, some tanks. If we had these tanks I was told they are ancient ones. 1914 to 1918 tanks. T63 or 60-something. There they were rolling, amoured cars running and people not allowed to move from one place to another unless they got the permission of the army…

Apart from being Head of State and Government, Mugabe was also Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces before he resigned following a military intervention. It is only logical that Mugabe should have known the armoury as Commander in Chief.

Source: Pindula

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