Mugabe savages Khupe and Mujuru as he endorses Chamisa

Thokozani Khupe

Former President Robert Mugabe has said he would not be voting his old party zanu PF in tomorrow’s general elections saying he would only vote someone with a clear chance of winning the presidental poll.

By John Mokwetsi

By doing so, Mugabe has effectively endorsed MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa after ruling out other presidential candidates.

He however denied funding the youthful Chamisa’s campaign and said he has not met him in recent times as has been suggested in the press, but would like to do so if he wins the election.

“I have never met Chamisa. I wish to meet him if he wins. As for who I will vote. I Cannot Vote For Those Who Have Tormented Me. No l Can’t! We used to say politics direct the gun. But now, the gun directs politics. I say no, no, no! Thokozani Khupe and Joyce Mujuru do not offer much. What is there is Chamisa,”he said.

Zimbabwean ex-dictator Robert Mugabe

Speaking on the dissapearance of Itai Dzamara after a question was put to him as to if the widely condemned abduction of the activist did not worry that it happened during his presidency he said.

“I do not know what happened to him. I am also worried about the whereabouts of Itai,” he said.

Dzamara crossed swords with Mugabe’s government after he held a series of solo protests at Africa Unity Square demanding the veteran politician to step down.

He was allegedly abducted by suspected State security agents near his home in Glen View on March 9, 2015 and has not been seen since.

On his view on Mnangagwa he said: “He was always a hardworker but did not always tell me the truth.”
The former leader said he preferred Dr. Sydney Sekeramayi as president of Zimbabwe and his successor in the Zanu PF.

Mugabe says he has been “crying for a return to legality and constitutionality, freedom for our people… We must have a democratic constitution, that is what we fought for. People should be first. The people, the people, the people. That is what we always cried for.”

The former leader said he preferred Sydney Sekeramayi as president of Zimbabwe and his successor in the Zanu PF. He added that reports that he wanted wanted to impose wife, Grace, in his place were not true.

Mugabe was forced to resign in November last year after a military intervention that placed him under house arrest triggering an internal Zanu PF process that brought then exiled former Vice-President Mnangagwa to return and take power. – News Day