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Mugabe leaves Zimbabwe as debate about new party heats up

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Former President Robert Mugabe left the country yesterday for South Africa as debate about the new political party, the National Patriotic Front, which he is reportedly linked to, intensified.

Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front youths yesterday castigated the former President but President Emmerson Mnangagwa cautioned against condemning the former President solely on information from the media.

Mugabe is reported to have flown to Johannesburg as an ordinary passenger on Air Zimbabwe. His wife did not travel with him.

There is wide speculation that Mugabe might be meeting former members of the G40 cabal who are allegedly behind the new party though some, including one of the former king pins of the G40 Saviour Kasukuwere has denied reports on the social media that he is the chairman of the new outfit.

He did not say much, however, only tweeting: “Fake”.

Jonathan Moyo who was listed as the deputy president in the “fake” document has not commented.

While some media say the formation of the NPF has rattled Mnangagwa and his ZANU-PF, political commentator Derek Matyszak said the new party was not a threat at all.

He told News 24 that although the party boasted having Mugabe’s support, it was “wishful thinking” to believe that it had the “gravitas to challenge the ruling ZANU-PF party”.

“They seem to be alarmed by Mnangagwa’s rule… It remains unclear how Mugabe is going to play a role in this new party… I don’t see them mounting any significant challenge against the ruling party,” he said.