Muchinguri claims Mugabe worked with US on sanctions

Oppah Muchinguri

HARARE – Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri, in an extraordinary speech on Thursday, claimed former President President Mugabe “worked with his enemies” the United States to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The Water, Environment and Climate Minister labelled Mugabe – who was ousted in a military coup last November – a “traitor”.

Muchinguri, who is also the Zanu PF chairperson, is furious that Mugabe, 94, backed opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in the July 30 elections.

She is backing a call by the Zanu PF aligned Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association to have the former President’s name dropped from the Harare International Airport, which was renamed to the Robert Mugabe International Airport days before his ouster.

“What a traitor, what a traitor! I pray that all those who died trying to liberate our country their spirits rise up and say we can’t die so that someone joins the opposition,” Muchinguri said.

“All along I suspect he was a sell-out, it’s coming out now. The sanctions by the United States (first imposed in 2001), it was him who wanted the people to continue to suffer. He was working with his enemies.”

In 2015, Muchinguri called Mugabe “God’s gift to Zimbabwe”, describing him as “selfless, empathetic and incorruptible.”

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