Moyo chided on twitter for getting Chipanga into trouble

Kudzai Chipanga

Twitter followers of former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo have chided him for getting former Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front youth leader Kudzai Chipanga in trouble and abandoning him.

Chipanga on 14 November dismissed threats by Zimbabwe Defence Forces chief Constantine Chiwenga that the military would step in to stop counter-revolutionaries from taking over the country saying the youths are prepared to die defending Robert Mugabe.

Chiwenga’s statement was not aired by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and was also not published in the State-controlled dailies, The Herald and The Chronicle.

Chipanga’s response was, however, published by both.

“Defending the revolution and our leader and president is an ideal we live for and if need be, it is a principle we are prepared to die for,” Chipanga said.

“Conniving and conspiring to overthrow a constitutionally elected government is a crime in this country and anywhere in the world,” he added.

Chipanga apologised for making the statement a day later after he was picked up by the defence forces when they intervened. He said he had not authored the statement saying he had been given the speech by Rodney Dangarembizi.

Dangarembizi said Chipanga was lying. He knew who had authored the speech and implicated Jonathan Moyo and former first lady Grace Mugabe.

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Father Fidelis Mukonori who negotiated Mugabe’s resignation yesterday told Zimbabwe television that when Grace was confronted by Mugabe about the statement, she denied any knowledge about it.

Responding to a tweet by Jonathan Moyo yesterday in which he said that Grace Mugabe was awarded her PhD when Olivia Muchena was Minister of Higher Education and not Oppah Muchinguri, one of his followers going by the name Syl said: “makasiya manyorera mwana zvinokuvadzisa Prof”.

Robsonnyamuziwa responded: “of all the comments ahhh iyi yandipedza. but l strongly believe Proff knew kuti speech inokuvadzisa vakati rega nditumwe mwana kkkkkk witchcraft .”

Syl wrote back: “Kikiki Robson kutuma mpfanha  kunorova rovambira nembama”.

Chipanga is now facing charges of publishing or communicating false statements prejudicial to the State or alternatively causing disaffection among the police force or defence forces.

He was denied bail yesterday for his own safety as he might be lynched by the public and was remanded to 8 December.

It is not clear where Jonathan Moyo currently is. Some reports said he and former national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere were picked up from Grace Mugabe’s “blue roof” mansion, but he tweeted that he and more than 50 others had left the country and were safe.

The tweet was removed from his timeline.

One of Moyo’s followers, Sanderson Makombe, yesterday challenged Moyo to return to the country and face charges.

“Mlevu, what did you say about ‘jumping the border?’ Be man enough and return. We need to talk about those bicycles and Zimdef money,” he taunted and retweeted a message Moyo posted when Emmerson Mnangagwa skipped the country because some people wanted to eliminate him.

Moyo tweeted on 8 November: “in terms of truth &justice, the law has a long arm which can reach anyone, everywhere, any time. You can run but you can’t hide!”

Moyo who tweeted twice yesterday later wrote: “No comment on this biblical truism. Matthew 25:52: “put your sword back in its place”, Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

Parliamentarians last week cited Mugabe’s protection of Moyo and Kasukuwere from justice as one of the reasons why they wanted to impeach him.


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