Money changer strains diaspora woman’s marriage…Calls and brags of squandering her money

Nyengeterai Mashungu

Is it love for sex or it’s being foolish, you decide?

An unemployed married man whose wife works in South Africa failed to control his insatiable sexual appetite and brought different girlfriends to his matrimonial home.

A money changer, known as Nyengeterai Mashungu, operating near Chicken Inn directly opposite Tredgold courts, strained Daniel Nyoni’s marriage as she called Nyoni’s wife, Sifelani Ndlovu and told her that she took her underwear and clothes.

Sifelani said time and again her tormentor would phone her and shout obscenities at her.

Nyengeterai did a strange thing as she reportedly bathed Sifelani’s children with water mixed with cow dung.

Sifelani’s woes mounted recently after she returned from South Africa for a visit and Daniel brought one of his girlfriends home.

Sifelani felt betrayed and confronted her husband who got angry and manhandled her, and he hit her with fists all over the body causing her to suffer a swollen eye.

After that Sifelani demanded a car and phone that she bought him. But he refused to give her. What angered Sifelani was that Daniel was always seen driving Nyengeterai around the city.

Daniel, together with Nyengeterai, allegedly sold Sifelani’s three beasts and shared the money. And he also sold her property.

To put her husband in the line Sifelani approached the civil court to help her.

“I am having problems with my husband Daniel Nyoni. He brings his girlfriends to my house and has sex with them on our matrimonial bed. Just recently when I returned from South Africa, Daniel brought one of his lovers to our home, I got angry over that. I confronted him, he then insulted me after that he assaulted me with fists all over the body.

He is always seen driving my car around the city carrying Nyengeterai. I asked him to surrender the car and the phone that I bought him but he refused. He sold my property without my consent,” she said.

She added: “One of his girlfriends constantly calls me and brags that she is squandering the money that I had sent for the children.

Nyengeterai came to my house and bathed my children with cow dung. After that she phoned me and told me that she has taken my underwear and clothes and I’m now living in fear of being bewitched. Daniel went with Nyengeterai to our matrimonial rural home in Matopo and sold my three beasts and shared the money with her.

I therefore apply for a protection order. I want him to surrender the car and phone I bought him. I also pray that this court would help me to chuck him out of the house so that he would go and stay with one of his girlfriends.”

Sifelani also applied for a peace order against Nyengeterai. She asked the law to stop her love rival from calling her and coming to her house and and stop interacting with her children or bathing them.

Daniel and Nyengeterai did not turn up at the Western Commonage court and as a result the matter was moved to next week on Thursday.

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