Moana’s Father Speaks On Fractured Relationship

Mimi Moana

The late Moana Amuli’s father, Ishamel Amuli (58), said he last met her in early 2019 but the two didn’t talk much.

Amuli said Moana left her husband in 2017 [when she was 19] and since then, their relationship had been sour because of her partying behaviour.

Speaking to The Herald on Sunday at the funeral wake in Highfield, Harare, Amuli said she sat Moana down when they met for the last time and rebuked her for her behaviour. He said:

In 2017, Mitchelle had problems with her husband, who came to drop their child in Domboshava. Mitchelle later came to pick her daughter and I sat down with her, telling her that I wasn’t happy with her behaviour.

I heard a lot about my daughter that she had become a party animal and was featured in several music videos. I got angry and slapped her twice and she left home for good.

Last year I saw her, but we never talked much. I am a Muslim and what she was doing was against our religion. Now how do I tell my elders at church and how will she be buried?

We are now at her mother’s house in Highfield because I did not fully pay lobola for her mother. I still owe in-laws, but that is a story for another day.

Amuli further revealed that he broke up with Moana’s mother while his daughter was still a toddler and had to quit his job to look after the children. He added:

I quit my job to look after my children. I had five children and Mitchelle was the second born and only girl. She had a daughter named Tyra.

I stay in Domboshava in Chirombo Village. I used to hear some neighbours telling me that my daughter was at Ginimbi’s house. Today I was told that she had a birthday party at a night club in Harare and she died on her way back.
Moana died early Sunday morning in a car crash which also claimed the life of businessman and socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure and two other people.

Moana featured in several music videos which include Takura’s track ‘Zvemoyo, Enzo Ishall’s ‘Mwenje’ and Freeman’s video ‘Muridzo’.

She was also a fitness trainer.

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