Is Mnanngagwa running a terrorist group?

Former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

BULAWAYO – Zimbabwe is looking politically volatile once again, as the bitter war of words between the Mugabes and Emmerson Mnangagwa escalated to new heights this weekend.

According to reports form the state-owned Chronicle, Zanu PF Central Legislator Masango Matambanadzo believes that Mr Mnangagwa “sponsored a local terrorist group”, thought to be a branch of al-Shabbab.

Matambanadzo said that the former deputy president fraternised with the terrorist organisation. This was ‘in order to attack his enemies in the Midlands province’.

It’s the latest in a long line of ferocious verbal exchanges since the Vice President was fired from his position almost two weeks ago. Once favoured to replace Robert Mugabe as leader, relations have dramatically soured. Bob now seems to be pushing for his wife to succeed him. That has resulted in him throwing Mnangagwa under the bus.

War of words for Zimbabwe’s top brass…

Former ZIPRA combatant Retired Colonel Baster Magwizi said just one ill-judged sacking of any military official could persuade the army to turn against the Mugabes. Mnangagwa enjoys a cosy relationship with the military.

Robert Mugabe fired back at this claim, with a bellicose threat of his own outside the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare this week:

“The politics of Zimbabwe have no shortcuts. There are lions along shortcuts. These shortcuts are dangerous and deadly. There are lions there. I am warning you… be careful! You can die.”

Where is Emmerson Mnangagwa?

Emmerson Mnangagwa is hiding in exile from Zimbabwe following threats against his life. He has since hit back at these claims. He insisted that the Mugabes will be removed from power ‘within the next few weeks’. In fact, he strongly believes that the people have turned against their regime.

However, it also seems that criminal proceedings against the ex-V.P are going to be sped up. He’s allegedly being investigated for four counts of murder by the country’s CID department. It’s likely that the Mugabes will do anything they can to force a conviction.