‘Mnangagwa trying to destroy Gukurahundi genocide evidence’

Nelson Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of attempting to destroy evidence of the Gukurahundi massacres through secret reburials of the victims’ remains without consulting those most affected or having direct interest in the genocide.

Speaking at the launch of his party’s 20 Principle for Reliable Inclusive and Credible Elections in Zimbabwe (PRICE) in Harare Thursday, Chamisa questioned why the government was speeding up processes around reburial of victims instead of promoting national healing first.

“I see now in Matabeleland they want to go there and destroy evidence of their past omissions and commissions by saying ‘we want to have urgent reburials’,” said Chamisa.

“Why are you fast-tracking what you have delayed over the years? Let us take our time to heal the wounds and then heal from the bottom going up. Do not impose solutions.”

Chamisa said it was improper for Mnangagwa to impose solutions on those most affected by the killings.

Mnangagwa was State Security Minister at the time of the killings.

Source – newzimbabwe