Mnangagwa Lied About Deploying Police, He Chaired Politburo Meeting Which Approved: Moyo

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been accused of lying after he slammed Zanu-PF for using police officers and security agencies to manage the security of the Zanu-PF Primary Elections.

Mnangagwa said that state institutions are supposed to be impartial and should not be abused by political parties and promised to look into the matter.

However, Jonathan Moyo challenged Mnangagwa’s stance alleging that himself had chaired a Politburo meeting which had approved the deployment of 6500 police officers. Said Moyo on Twitter

 ED CONDEMNS USE OF POLICE IN ZANUPF POLLS”  3 May 2018 LIES. The illegal deployment of over 6,500 ZRP officers was approved by Politburo meeting chaired by Mnangagwa himself on 27 April. INQUIRY NEEDED!!

Moyo then released a memo titled “Zanu-PF Commissariat Deployment Plan For The Primary Elections Set For 29 April 2018” to back his claims. Parts of the memo read:

Each constituency will have two vehicles whose duty will be to drop and pick polling sub-teams at polling points. Each polling sub-team at a polling point will comprise of the following:
a. Presiding Officer as the person in charge (From Party HQ).
b. One officer in charge of the Voter’s Roll.
c. One officer in charge of the ballot papers.
e. Two police officers one inside the polling stations and another

7. Who is at Polling station. At every polling station, there should be a Presiding Officer, three (3) Polling Officers, two Police Officers, Polling Agents representing candidates and observers. The Presiding Officer will be overally in charge of the station supported by three polling officers responsible for checking voters identification, entry into the station, confirming the voters names in the voters role(sic), allocation of the ballot papers and monitoring the ballot boxes. One police officer will be manning outside the voting room while the other will be providing security inside.

11. The Blind, Disabled and Illiterate. Upon request, blind,
disabled and illiterate voters will be assisted to vote by a person of their choice whom they trust. A Presiding Officer and a Police Officer will accompany them to the booth to ensure that the X is placed the voter really wants. No one is allowed to divulge whom the assisted person voted for- the vote is secrete (sic).

You can download the full document by clicking the link below.