‘Mnangagwa is not leading ZANU PF’

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo says the organisation that is being led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not ZANU PF but  new entity that was born on 15 November 2017 when the army effected a coup.

Prof. Moyo was responding to one social media user who quoted an article in 2009 where Moyo was saying that his principles have always been similar to those of ZANU PF.

Responded Moyo, “Going back to the 2009: sorry mfana. You have not started digging up the archives. Meanwhile get this to the congested heads of your varakashi brigade: ZanuPF died on 15 November 2017 with its principles or whatever was left of them by then. Your pfee nonsense is not ZanuPF!”

Moyo has always maintained that ZANU PF died in 2017 where the gun began to command politics and the military entered a political fight.

The 2009 article that Moyo was tagged in was a piece of writing where he said, “Decisions on political affiliations are based on a balance of principles, strategies and tactics.  Principles are enduring and this writer’s principles have never differed from Zanu PF’s. Differences have been on personalities, strategies and tactics which change with facts. As such, political writings or statements and even scientific theories are not biblical gospels but simply opinions that are depended on ever changing facts.

“A lot has changed in our national politics not only since 2005 but also particularly since the March 29 2008 elections whose inconclusive outcome threw up very serious dangers that caused nationalists to regroup behind Zanu PF and against hostile foreign interests and their local political agents to safeguard the gains of the liberation struggle.”

Source – Byo24