Mliswa attends MDC Congress

Temba Mliswa

Former ZANU PF MP Temba Mliswa, now an Independent MP for Norton constituency, has defended his decision to attend the MDC Congress now currently taking place at Gweru’s Ascot Stadium in Ascot high-density suburb.

In a statement on his official Twitter handle, Mliswa said:

Today I’ll be attending the MDC Congress by invitation. As I’ve always maintained as an Independent, I remain balanced. I take in views from the ruling party ZANU PF and views from the main opposition MDC Alliance. I take in the good of each, point out the bad and formulate my own opinion.

Contrary to popular belie,f it’s not the first MDC event I’ve attended. The late Tsvangirai has before invited me to address in Wedza, the March for jobs etc, I’m part of progressive initiatives. I also work well with many MDC Alliance MPs as I believe in their capacity.

Norton is a mixed bag and it would be folly of me not to take in the divergent views of all to effectively represent the aspirations of the people of Norton.